Sunday, June 1, 2014 #BOUNTYKILLA #MAVADO
It's  a great thing when an artist take her/his career to the highest level globally.
Bounty Killa,an icon in my view,open the gate for artist like Mavado,Vibz Kartel,Elephant Man,Busy Signal and many more.
With contract in place from the get go and all these artist taking their craft to the highest level GLOBALLY Bounty would have been smiling to the bank.
The problem we have not only in music,is we create the product but don,t own the business.
Jay Z sign Rihanna and many more artist,run lots of business and still manage a great music career.
  Remember that it was a Jamaican who migrated to Bronx New York in the sixties who laid the foundation for  rap music,thatTupac,Biggie Smalls,Puff Daddy,Queen Latifah,Missy Elliott,Nicki Minaj,Kanye West,Drake,Lil Wayne and a host of others now enjoy.
   Time to put on the business hat and take off the word dropping frock,start business and employ the youth.
    While the crabs pull at each other in the barrel,other people on the outside making the money.

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