Monday, July 15, 2013

((((IT'S ALL IN YOU))))

I cannot believe that in 2013 we the human family,who have good,godly loving qualities in us at some degree.Continue with the power of choice to destroy instead of building up,hate instead of love.Fighting to control the earth when we have the infinite universe (small minded).
   After we divide our self with race deference,religion,politics and cultural deference,we then fight war because we see the deference but not the things that make us one.We even build nuclear weapon to fight war that no one will win.
   After we create all this mess we then sit and gaze in the sky waiting on bat man,superman and spiderman to fly down and save us.
   Maybe millions of years from now just like how archaeologist is now finding ancient bones,some other species after we self destroy will find our bones and say "how dumb they were".

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